Intercultural Marketing

Achieving marketing success through cultural insights

„Driven by emotion “– just a good advertising slogan of a car manufacturer, or rather something very human? Both!

Anyone who starts to establish his products or services in foreign markets, needs to be able to address culture-specific emotions.

Take into consideration the emotional level on which the messages of advertising and marketing are based. We show you how people view their cultural beliefs.

Eine“Globale MarketingstragetieIhre internationalen Kunden besser ansprechen

Ein interkultureller Marketing-Workshop“ Countries, Cultures and Markets„legt sein Augenmerk auf kulturbedingte Marketingmaßnahmen und die Markenbildung; dabei werden Unternehmenswerte und -visionen lokal und global thematisiert. Dies ermöglicht es Unternehmen, ein tiefes Verständnis für ihren lokalen Markt zu entwickeln und mit den Kunden auf einer Ebene der Emotionen in Kontakt zu treten.

Investigating countries, cultures and markets

Wir wollen tiefes Verständnis sozio-kultureller Faktoren für Markterschließung.

Markets live from the satisfaction of human needs and the consumption of the population – driven by the people. Therefore, marketing messages are based on: Language and religion, values and norms, customs, aesthetics and education. They are shaped by the socio-cultural framework in a specific cultural region.

With our marketing workshop, we suggest a culturally appropriate approach to you and convey key factors for the development of new markets.

Opening up countries, cultures and markets

Unsere lokalen Botschaften sollen zielgerichtet übermittelt werden.

What are the values, influences, and expectations that individuals possess in the corresponding cultural domain? Which culturally determined emotions and messages are important for international marketing measures?

To convey the messages, what information is needed to take the emotional aspects into account?

Talk your partner's language to succeed.

We support you in the development of advertising strategies and measures in countries, cultures and markets.

Our goal is to strengthen your business relationships, so that you not only find customers, partners or colleagues but keep them by building trust.

"A good feeling is an effect, not a cause"

Details about the training

Intercultural Marketing

  • Language: German, Korean, English
  • Duration: 4-6 days
  • Location: In-house, in rented seminar rooms or online
  • This training is offered as group or individual training
  • The program will be accustomed to your needs and work context
  • As a key account manager, you plan to globalize your products or services
  • As a project manager, you are trying to localize your services in your target market
  • As a marketing strategist, you are interested in the cultures and target markets of your products and services


  • In close cooperation with our colleagues, we offer consulting in advertising, marketing, SEO web content and localization.


  • Which wording is welcome, which wording leads to irritation?
  • What results do emotional reactions produce, and how do I combine this with the messages I’m trying to communicate?
  • What is the meaning of colors in the respective cultures; what is the connotation of each of them?


  • How does the limbic system react to certain things here and there?
  • Why is instinctive decision making called a “feeling in the gut”?
  • Marketing 4Ps in the digital transformation


In addition to this we offer our language services, whether it be website localization, translation of contracts, issuing official documents or learning languages.

We are happy to prepare a bespoke offer

bunte südöstliche Leuchtreklame in einer Innenstadt


SEO Crossing Cultures


Our trainers have several years of experience in global companies and are thus able to provide you with practical solutions straight from the international business world.

We provide practical recommendations and suggestions for further self-directed learning.

This means that each of our intercultural training or workshop offers you maximum experience, practical relevance and professionalism.

Managing Director & Facilitator
Young-Im Seo