Intercultural Training

Acting effectively in intercultural environments

Understand the cultural imprint of your international business partners. When companies act globally, they are confronted with various attitudes and behaviours of their business partners from different cultures.

An international business environment is characterized by irritations and disturbances in intercultural encounters, and thus requires special customer care or international assignments of employees.

Develop understanding of r the cultural imprint of your international business partners.

Our cross-cultural traininghelps you build connections in the global workplace.

Our Expatriate Training, Global Leadership Development and Cross-cultural trainings are devoted to the topic of intercultural communication, business cultures in diverse nations and countries, and cultural awareness.

Cultivating cultural awareness

Führungskräfte optimal auf die Entsendung vorbereiten.

The international assignment is certain. Possibly your family will travel along with you. What images of your destination country are created? A new role, a heavily changed personal as well as professional environment, a foreign language and culture are all challenges which you will have to face.

What kind of picture is coming into being? How can you lead a local team effectively, how does a business meeting work there?

Prepare yourself and your family for the life and cooperation with people from your assignment destination.

Expatriate training and global leadership development:

It aims to quickly improve expatriates' adaptability and responsiveness to international business conditions in their assignments, thereby increasing their effectiveness on the ground.

Reducing misunderstandings

Wir wollen die kulturspezifische Geschäftswelt besser verstehen.

In times of internationalization, customer service is often times more difficult than expected with country representatives. As a result, performance indicators (KPI’s) worsen despite locally booming markets.

When doing business with the local organisation, what is the most important information you need? What cultural factors hold significance in the context of international key account?

We provide culture-specific training and workshops for your businesses in Japan, China, Korea, and the European Union.

A culture-specific training like “Business with South Korea” aims to strengthen the capabilities of global experts by helping them prepare for successful interactions with global clients and suppliers through international exhibitions, company visits, and factory tours in the country. They develop into experts in their respective countries.


Fostering worldwide synergies

Wir wollen in der globalen Zusammenarbeit erfolgreicher sein.

Global success requires workers who understand the cultural influences of their global business partners.

What are the effects of cultural factors on international negotiations? What are the effects of cultural factors on international negotiations? How can I convey a business concept in a clear manner, or how can I impart knowledge effectively?

Our culture general and , cross-cultural trainings will make you aware of appropriate intercultural communication with customers, colleagues, and suppliers.

We aim to better interpret them in intercultural interactions and to enable your global company to operate successfully.

The online learning program includes database-aided instruction and country-specific instruction for 99 nations. The coaching program for managers is available in 25 different countries.

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do”

Details about the training

Intercultural Training

  • Language: German, Korean, English
  • Duration: 1-2 days
  • Location: In-house, in rented seminar rooms or online
  • This training is offered as group or individual training
  • As HR manager you onboard international personnel to your company. You want to attract qualified personnel from abroad and actively retain international specialists.
  • As a strategist you are interested in culture general, cross-cultural or culture specific training 
  • As a project or team leader, you will work with specific target cultures or in customer support
  • In close cooperation with our trainers, we offer culture specific training courses e.g., for East Asia, Japan, China, Korea and all countries of the European Union.
  • Expectations in intercultural encounters
  • Core values of specific cultures and their cultural orientation
  • Historical figures, data and facts
  • Do’s and don’ts
  • How to welcome your global customers, colleagues or business partners
  • What are cultural similarities and differences?
  • Culture specific aspects of verbal or non-verbal communication
  • Intercultural awareness in business communication, e.g. in emails, phone calls or business meetings
  • Communication styles in international comparison
  • Reasons for unexpected reactions in feedback situations
  • Potential misinterpretations
  • Practical advice for culture-sensitive wording

You can combine online seminars with face-to-face seminars. Through this you will gain basic knowledge regarding intercultural contexts, increase your gain of knowledge and deepen your understanding in face-to-face training.

We are happy to prepare a bespoke offer

Ein Steg zum See mit typisch Japanischer Architektur. Symbolisch für Japanische Kultur kennenlernen.
SEO Crossing Cultures Solution-oriented

Our Solution-oriented Approach are practice-based, interactive and multimedia-based. In our modules, participants work actively in small groups on practical case studies. We encourage discussion and reflection. 

We offer you an exciting methodical mix with roleplays, exercises, simulations, case studies, group work and videos, since interactive seminars are our strength

Our goal is: We want to make a difference with our work. We strive to bring people together and help them understand each other in new and improved ways. With this in mind, we carefully analyse and record your expectations and challenges.

Managing Director & Facilitator
Young-Im Seo