International team building

Employees in international companies who work in matrix structures across national borders are often required to balance between stability and dynamics throughout change.

A lot of times, the potential of international employees with different cultural backgrounds is not used productively. Thus, misunderstandings and conflicts arise from the different mentalities, communication and working styles of the individuals in an international team.

We optimize international collaboration.Motivate your international employees with our team training.

zwei weiße Reiher kämpfen gegeneinander als Konflikt-Symbolik.
conflict management training

With our conflict management training you can transform cultural differences into growth potential at an effective working level. We provide you with conflict preventing strategies for your international collaboration.

We optimize international collaborationto make you more efficient. Enjoy your global work!

Yin und Yang Zeichen. Symbol für ausgewogene Harmonie in einem Team
Kick-off workshop

Internationality and virtual collaboration aspects are often neglected in classic team development initiatives. In our Kick-off workshop team building/kick-off workshops you will learn about intercultural aspects for decentralized cooperation as well as long-lasting connections in international teamwork.

We support your employees in multicultural project groups.

Your competitiveness increases with the intercultural competency of your employees, who are in turn more satisfied and motivated.
Diversity as a success factor for your business!

"If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, you must go with others."

International team building

  • Language: German, Korean, English
  • Duration: 2-6 days
  • Location: In-house, in rented seminar rooms or online
  • The program will be tailored to your needs and specific situation


  • As a team leader, you want to motivate your multicultural project groups collaborating internationally
  • As project manager, you aim to further develop conflict preventing strategies for your international projects
  • As a strategist, you are interested in different project managing structures and processes in international comparison


  • In close cooperation with our trainer colleagues, we offer conflict management training as well as team building/kick-off workshops.
  • Expectations in intercultural encounters
  • Core values of specific cultures and their cultural orientation
  • Better understanding of intercultural differences in business emails, phone calls or business meetings, potential misunderstandings and practical tips regarding wording and codes
  • Leading conversations or discussions with culture-specific aspects of verbal and non-verbal communication in mind
  • Leadership styles in international comparison
  • Decision-making and leading employees in different hierarchical structures
  • Strategies in conflict management – allowing for better recognition of culture-based misunderstandings and conflicts
  • Understanding different approaches for your international collaboration with international partners
  • Comparing project management structures and processes on an international scale – to better assess team building phases, time management, procedures, processes and methods of your international project partners, which further allows you to recognize the value and benefits of synergy
  • Enhanced self-reflection when dealing with risks and conflicts in intercultural situations.

You can combine face-to-face seminars with online training. Through this you will acquire basic knowledge in an intercultural context and improve the learning effect when deepening what you have learned face to face with our trainers.

We are happy to prepare a bespoke offer



    We would be happy to talk to you about our experience and our references.

    Our goal is: We want to make a difference with our work. We strive to bring people together and help them understand each other in new and improved ways.



    “Die Trainerin ist auf meine Interessen eingegangen, besitzt fundiertes Fachwissen in dem Sachgebiet und nutzt abwechslungsreiche Methoden. Bei aller Dynamik des Workshops war das Gleichgewicht zwischen Zuhören und Aktivität durchgängig gewahrt, was es mir leicht machte, dem Training mit Aufmerksamkeit zu folgen und meinen persönlichen Take-Away zu optimieren. Empfehlenswert!” (Ein Teilnehmer aus einem Projektmanagement-Training, Automobilindustrie)“