Doing Business in German-speaking Europe

Are you looking to enhance your business operations and cultural fluency within the German-speaking markets of Germany, Austria and Switzerland?

  1. Values and behaviour in German-speaking cultures
  2. Localisation (think global, act local)
  3. Network (strategic business network)

Online course with in-depth presentations and lively Q&A sessions

Three 180-minute-webinars (can be delivered in-person or in-house)

Enrol now to bridge the cultural gap and fast-track your business success in the DACH region with SEO Crossing Cultures.

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Seminar Focus:

This webinar “Doing Business in German-Speaking Europe” with SEO Crossing Cultures is crafted to contribute to your global success by making the business landscape in the German-speaking European countries more accessible and understandable.

Join us for an enlightening journey through the subtleties of German business culture. We will explore the triggers and tripwires that define professional interactions and teach you how to navigate them. Learn the strategies, best practices, and essential tools to bridge the cultural divide and minimize the German Culture Gap.


Core Topics:

  • Values and Behaviour: Delve into the values and behaviours characteristic of German-speaking cultures and their impact on the business environment.
  • Localisation: Master the „think global, act local“ approach to successfully localize your global business strategies.
  • Networking: Gain insights on establishing and managing a strategic business network in Europe for tactical advantage.


Training Outcomes:

Throughout this webinar “Doing Business in German-Speaking Europe” with SEO Crossing Cultures, participants will:

  • Identify and understand the core cultural values of German-speaking countries and their effects on business interactions.
  • Develop a nuanced understanding of the cultural dynamics that influence business practices and behavioural patterns.
  • Discover innovative tools and strategies that will elevate your business presence in Europe.
  • Formulate global leadership strategies that are both effective and efficient.
  • Clarify expectations regarding living and working in a foreign cultural setting.
  • Develop actionable strategies for efficient communication within the European business context.
  • Engage in discussions to address personal experiences and challenges encountered in cross-cultural work environments.



Our approach in the webinar “Doing Business in German-Speaking Europe” with SEO Crossing Cultures includes:

  • Presentations to give you a comprehensive understanding of the cultural landscape.
  • Interactive Q&A sessions to address specific queries and enhance learning.

A series of three 180 minute-webinars, designed to provide in-depth knowledge and practical skills.

Intended Group:

  • Expatriate
  • Professionals in international sales
  • International team members and leaders


For “Doing Business in German-Speaking Europe” with SEO Crossing Cultures. Capitalize on the opportunities in German-speaking Europe and make your mark in the global business arena.

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