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How often have you had to get over cultural differences in the business world? I've faced it many times over the past 29 years and still do.

Since 2014, SEO Crossing Cultures has done 270 amazing projects on the international stage. With this blog, we're aiming to set a milestone for intercultural management solutions in 2024 and we'll be sharing some practical insights into employee and leadership development, team building for virtual teams and intercultural marketing that will really help you to develop your intercultural skills. Have a look and see what you think.

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Business mit Südkorea

Fostering worldwide synergies

Individualismus und Kollektivismus – Kulturelle Orientierungen und Prägungen Artikel als Audio anhören: Was versteht man unter den kulturellen Prägungen von

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Über Young-Im Seo - SEO Crossing Cultures

My journey started in 1996 with a study in economics in Heidelberg and took me on more than 15 years of international work experience in various industries. This journey through multicultural living and working environments has given me the skills to support companies in change processes. Since 2014, I’ve been managing director, trainer and consultant at SEO Crossing Cultures. We offer intercultural management solutions for internationalisation and globalisation in China, Japan, Korea, Asia as well as Germany and the EU to ensure sustainable business success.