Intercultural management and communication

Your chance to enhance international collaboration

Whether a French HR manager leads a team in the USA or a German marketing manager is responsible for a European subsidiary of one of the Korean conglomerates: International business always means intercultural communication.

Companies that operate globally are characterized by dynamism and change.

We help you understand cultural differences at work and maximize your international cooperation. We offer you a customized intercultural marketing strategy to open up new markets more easily.

We provide orientation and practical experience in dealing with intercultural issues in a solution-oriented manner. This cultural understanding and acceptance is a prerequisite for developing business strategy and global communications.

Our expertise

Entsendungstraining, Südkorea, China, Japan und EU sowie Deutschland

Know culture-specific ways of working

Develop understanding of the cultural imprint of your international business partners

Optimize international collaboration

Transform cultural differences of multicultural teams into growth potential

New markets

Consider the emotional level on which the messages of advertising and marketing are based.

Our Mission

People, Ideas, Success

We prepare your employees and organization for internal change in a business world that is becoming increasingly complex. So you can enjoy your global work.

We're into developing staff and management, international team building and cooperation, and intercultural marketing, which focuses on transforming global workplaces, developing cross-cultural communication competences, and acquiring digital abilities. This will allow your organisation to compete more successfully on the global market.

Portrait Foto von Young-Im Seo
Managing Director: Young-Im Seo

Our philosophy

Why SEO Crossing Cultures:

Creative. Flexible. Future-oriented.



Creativity: Our Gateway to Practical Solutions

Utilising creative methods, we demystify complex intercultural concepts, making them accessible and relatable. Creativity is our tool for crafting bespoke solutions that meet the specific challenges and requirements of our clients.

Flexibility: Indispensable in the Ever-Changing Global Business Landscape 

Our capacity to adjust to diverse cultural environments, varied team dynamics, and the shifting needs of our clients is fundamental to our approach.

Open-mindedness: The Keystone of Intercultural Communication and Collaboration 

Embracing a variety of cultures and business practices, we foster effective coaching and training environments, underpinned by a culture of acceptance and mutual understanding.

Future-Orientation: Constantly Attuned to Emerging Trends and Developments in the Workplace

Our emphasis on contemporary issues such as remote working and virtual teams highlights our commitment to staying relevant and forward-thinking in an evolving corporate world.