Intercultural management and communication

Whether a French HR manager leads a team in the USA or a German marketing manager is responsible for a European subsidiary of one of the Korean conglomerates:

International business means dynamics and change.

We offer orientation and practical experience in dealing with intercultural problems in a solution-oriented manner.

You wish to:

Zum Interkulturellen Training

Know culture-specific ways of working?

Develop understanding for the cultural imprint of your international business partners

Optimise international collaboration?

Transform cultural differences of multicultural teams into growth potential

new markets?

Gain the emotional space on which advertising and marketing messages are based


Together we will examine cultural working methods and optimize your international collaboration. Tap into new markets with our customized concept.

Bridge the gap to your customers, suppliers or colleagues with the help of our workshops, individual and group training sessions!

Your competitiveness increases together with the intercultural competence of your employees, who will thus also be more satisfied and motivated.

SEO Crossing Cultures

Prepares your employees and organization for internal change in a business world which becomes more and more complex, so that you may find joy in your global work!

Our main topics include intercultural consulting and trainings, as well as intercultural project management. Our objective is to strengthen your trusting business relationships, so that you not only find customers, partners or colleagues, but keep them.


Our philosophy

but rather, it is based on an inner mindset. This mindset allows people to think more creatively and to act more respectfully as well as thoughtfully. An ability that has a positive impact from a business point of view. It also adds something positive to the respective person’s personality.

Our training partners have worked themselves in global companies for several years. In addition to that they have the training skills necessary to provide you with practice-oriented and methodical solutions based on firsthand experience.