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We offer intercultural management solutions for internationalisation and globalisation in China, Japan, Korea, Asia, as well as Germany and the EU to ensure sustainable business success.

Extensive Expertise in Internationalisation and Change Management

Since 2014, SEO Crossing Cultures has successfully conducted over 270 global projects and collaborations. This extensive experience and specialisation in the requirements of international cooperation and employee development make the company a leading provider in intercultural management and communication.

Intercultural Expertise and Extensive Experience in the International Business World

Portrait Foto von Young-Im Seo
Young-Im Seo

»I love developing practical solutions, working with creative people, and turning ideas into realistic successes.«

Young-Im Seo began her journey to Europe 28 years ago by studying Economics at Heidelberg University, where she has lived and worked ever since. Her professional development spans more than 15 years, taking her through various industrial environments, including Bio-Life Science, Aerospace, Mechanical Engineering, and E-Commerce on an international scale. These diverse experiences have profoundly shaped her both personally and professionally, especially in dealing with different cultures, intercultural communication, and international business.

Leading Company SEO Crossing Cultures

Since 2014, Young-Im Seo has been the Managing Director, Trainer, and Consultant at SEO Crossing Cultures, a company specialising in intercultural management solutions.

Intercultural Training and Consulting

As an intercultural trainer, she develops and conducts bespoke training on culture-specific and cross-cultural topics. These include onboarding programmes, leadership development, and international team building.

Digital Tools for Virtual Teams

Young-Im Seo assists team members in implementing digital tools essential for virtual teams. These tools help in effectively operating and communicating in intercultural and international workflows.

Business Consulting and Go-To-Market Strategy

In her role as a consultant, she guides companies through their go-to-market strategies. The focus is on digital marketing activities to ensure successful market entry in countries.

Her extensive experience and expertise make Young-Im Seo a valuable resource for companies aiming to succeed in the globalised economy. With her support, businesses can overcome the challenges of intercultural collaboration and fully leverage the potential of a diverse, international workforce.

Postcards from far away; ;were something my father brought me every time he arrived home after his long travels all over the world. He was a Korean sailor, travelling around the seven seas for 12 years. Through these postcards and their small impressions of other countries, people and languages, my curiosity for travelling began.

When I moved from Korea to Germany after my German studies, this country – familiar from my studies – seemed unexpectedly foreign. With a polite smile, I tried to decline what I should have accepted. However, how quickly the unfamiliar becomes familiar: shortly after, I found myself shaking hands with Koreans who bowed in greeting.

In a constantly changing world, lifelong learning is essential. Learning is the key to personal and professional development. Culture is also something we learn.

Being Different as a Driver for Innovation and Success

When we learn and accept different cultural communication styles, we embrace being different. This creates a foundation for creative and innovative ideas. Companies that promote diversity and intercultural communication benefit from a rich source of different perspectives and approaches that can lead to outstanding success.

Intercultural Communication as a Key to Creativity

I believe that intercultural communication opens up possibilities for people to express themselves and act more creatively, leading to long-term innovation and success.

How can we support you?

We are available for your questions, inquiries and feedback at +49 6221 78 99 88 or at contact@seointercultural.com or in person in Germany, 69123 Heidelberg, Mannheimer Str. 79. We are happy to advise you on our range of services. We look forward to hearing from you!

Optimise your international collaboration by understanding cultural working methods. Our bespoke concepts include data-driven assessments, coaching, workshops, and digital project management solutions. Unleash your creativity and explore new horizons with our specialised training and consultancy services.

SEO Crossing Cultures focuses on developing intercultural communication skills and digital competencies essential for success in the modern, globalised work environment. Through this targeted support, the company helps its clients successfully adapt to international changes and thrive in a complex business world.

We offer specially developed programmes for employee and leadership development, international team building, and intercultural marketing. These bespoke solutions are designed to meet the individual needs of organisations and enhance their competitiveness in the global market.

Successful Leadership in International Sales Teams and Intercultural Competencies

David Im
David Im

»Win the hearts of your partners and customers in the VUCA world.«

but his passion for clear communication and commitment to lifelong learning led him to a leadership role in human resources management. His career spans the USA, China, Germany, and Korea, where he continuously expanded his intercultural leadership skills and gained valuable insights into diverse business cultures.

Collaboration with Global Market Leaders like Samsung, LG, and Hyundai

Through his successful collaboration with top companies in electronics, software, automotive, and chemicals, he has proven his ability to effectively lead global teams.

Bridging Cultural Differences and Developing Effective Communication Strategies for Global Expansion Strategies

His strategic skills in international sales management led to the successful expansion of German companies like Bosch and BASF in the Korean market. His exceptional ability to recognise and overcome cultural differences set him apart from competitors and secured his role as a Korean representative for leading German companies, even against competitors with more industry experience.

As trainer and consultant for Intercultural Sales and Marketing, he believes that sharing knowledge and experiences from different cultures is essential for the success of global collaboration.

Do you face challenges like feeling you're "talking to a wall," "wandering in the fog," or "fighting a losing battle" when working with international companies or global organisations? These are often indicators of deep-seated human problems that need to be addressed.

The famous German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer illustrated the importance of subjective perception in his work "The World as Will and Representation," which remains crucial for business success today. This highlights the need to understand and master profound human factors, which are often difficult to define and even harder to overcome.

In our work and interactions, we interpret the world subjectively, based on our past experiences. In an increasingly complex and uncertain business environment, it is essential to overcome two central challenges: the VUCA environment and the diverse perspectives of our business partners.

Effective Communication for Your International Leadership

I firmly believe that the world will be a better place if we share what we have learned from others and actively apply it in our daily business practices.

We Facilitate Intercultural Synergy:

Uniting People, Inspiring Ideas, Achieving Success. In our commitment, we focus on bringing people together from varied cultural landscapes. We place a high value on the exchange of ideas, fostering a positive learning experience within this diverse setting, which is fundamental for global cooperation and crucial in shaping international and virtual collaboration.

Our goal is to cultivate an environment in our work that promotes not just dialogue, but also the growth and success of every individual involved. Through these intercultural links, we achieve shared accomplishments, thereby reinforcing the groundwork for effective global collaboration.

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