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Postcards from far away

… are something my father brought me every time he arrived home after his long travels all over the world. He was a Korean sailor, travelling around the seven seas for 12 years. Through these postcards and their small impressions of other countries, people and languages, my curiosity for travelling began.

After completing my German studies, I travelled from Korea to Germany, realizing that the country familiar from my studies felt unexpectedly foreign to me. With a polite smile, I tried rejecting things I would have been better off accepting.

Portrait Foto von Young-Im Seo
Young-Im Seo

But the unfamiliar becomes habit quickly, and after a short while I caught myself greeting fellow Koreans not with a bow but by shaking their hand.

people from different cultures live and communicate very differently – but at the same time quite similar

My life and work experience in multicultural environments enables me to effectively assist companies during the process of change and international expansion.

I am convinced that intercultural communication allows people to think and act more creatively and freely. Yes, and it allows us to be different, so that values and experience may be transformed and lead to innovation as well as long-term success.

Uniting People, Inspiring Ideas, Achieving Success. In our commitment, we focus on bringing people together from varied cultural landscapes. We place a high value on the exchange of ideas, fostering a positive learning experience within this diverse setting, which is fundamental for global cooperation and crucial in shaping international and virtual collaboration.

Our goal is to cultivate an environment in our work that promotes not just dialogue, but also the growth and success of every individual involved. Through these intercultural links, we achieve shared accomplishments, thereby reinforcing the groundwork for effective global collaboration.

SEO Crossing Cultures
Intercultural Consulting Services

has been advising companies on Internationalization and internal changes since 2014, specializing in requests which arise from international cooperation and employee development through global collaboration: Intercultural management and communication

colleagues, customers and business partners who strive for efficient communication regarding intercultural situations. Our goal is: We want to make a difference in our work; bring people together and help them understand each other in creative ways. new and improved ways.

ways of working differ across cultures and optimize your international cooperation. Get to know cultures and take over markets with the help of our concepts, workshops, individual/group trainings and project management, all customized to your needs. You will be surprised by your creative ability to widen your personal and professional horizon.

Our training partners

1.They have worked in internationally active companies 2. abroad as well. They live and work mostly bilingual. 3. Finally, they have the necessary training skills. Therefore, we are very familiar with facing the challenges of global business. Our trainers provide you with their work and living experience to increase your competence in intercultural business

Cooperation as a trainer

You meet the three requirements of our trainers, as mentioned above. AND: You are interested in working with us at SEO Crossing Cultures? Then please contact us. We look forward to a cooperation! I'd be thrilled to hear from you!

Internship in Germany and South Korea

Are you, as a student, interested in an internship at an intercultural educational institution? The internship lasts a minimum of 3 months up to a maximum of 6 months.

As an intern, you keep track of our training modules, research information, support and assist us in the preparation and follow-up of seminars, projects and marketing measures. You add a sociable personality and an ability to reflect on yourself.

We offer at least one participation in a training and practical work experience at a Korean company in South Korea. You will get insights into cross-cultural work. And you receive an internship certificate for your continuing career.

Are you interested in an internship at SEO Crossing Cultures? We look forward to hearing from you.

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